Naser Makarem Shirazi

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or Razor Shark other free sources online. He started his formal Islamic studies at the age of 14 in the Agha Babakhan Shirazi seminary. After completing the introductory studies, he started studying jurisprudence (fiqh) and its principles (usul al-fiqh). He made rapid progress and finished studying the complete levels of introductory and both the levels of the intermediate Islamic studies in approximately four years. During this time, he also taught at the Islamic seminary in Shiraz. At the age of 18, he formally entered the theological seminary of Qom, and for the next five years was present in the religious gatherings and classes of some of the leading Islamic teachers of those days, such as Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Burujerdi, & Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Shariatmadari.

The Christian world, originating from the Western Roman Empire, has always had peripheral contact with the Muslim philosophers known as Arab philosophers. From the 12th century onwards, this contact completely ceased. This will prevent access to Persia, where there was, according to Olavo de Carvalho, 'a flowering of mysticism and philosophy unparalleled in the world'. In this video, the author describes the bases of the constitution of religion and Islamic society, as well as the fluidity that exists on the border between philosophy and religion. 'Islam is not only a religious belief, it is already a Casino online sverige new constitution of civil society, it is a set of uses and customs'. The individual's entry into the Islamic world is total, integral.

This work, which is intended to be introductory, on Islamic thought, however, encompasses the various manifestations of Islamic culture, be it law, philosophy, mystical and theological thought or intellectual tradition in the Islamic world. It also does not neglect to address the challenges facing the Muslim world, especially in this age of globalization, with the recent emphasis on women's rights in Islamic societies and the adaptation of Muslim communities, and their customs and practices, in modern societies. Westerners.

Robert R. Reilly worked in the International Security for the Middle East section of the US Department of Defense, in addition to interviewing several Muslim students when he taught at National Defense University. Based on these experiences and on a wide variety of literary sources, the author explores, in The Muslim Mentality, the historical and philosophical origins of the current spelautomat Islamic crisis. Reilly's account of the roots of the current problems involving Muslims in the Middle East - and the threats they pose to the West - covers an account from the period of anarchic society in the time of Muhammad (570-632) to the present day, with the eruption of Islam as a totalitarian Muslim ideology. In discussing how a kind of intellectual suicide created the modern Islamic crisis, the central point of the book is to demonstrate the cause and effect relationship between ancient ideas and the current situation. The book The Muslim Mentality is a substantial account, due to the deep historical and philosophical analyzes of the nature of Islam. Robert R. Reilly's writing is clear and well organized. The survey of the intellectual depths of one of the biggest problems in the contemporary world is fascinating.

July 11, 2019 saw the kick-off in the city of Ashraf-3, Albania, of Iranian Resistance activities that took place over five days around the cause of freedom and democratic change in Iran. . Achraf-3, seat of the Iranian Resistance, is an exceptional city. Twenty months before the big date, she was just bare ground. The city was built by the People's Mojahedin at the cost of much effort. During the five days of the event, activists from the main Iranian opposition movement welcomed international personalities and dignitaries to Ashraf-3, as well as compatriots from Europe, slot gratuit sans telechargement North America, 'North Africa, the Middle East and Australia. This book brings together the speeches of Maryam Rajavi during sessions and conferences at the 2019 annual gatherings of the Iranian Resistance. In addition to the activities at Ashraf-3, freedom-loving Iranians staged major protests in five capitals around the world. Ms. Rajavi sent video messages to the participants. Excerpts from these messages are also included in this collection.

From the beginning of the twentieth century, Iran embarked on the process of Westernization and import-adaptation of the Western model. Systematic understanding of the successive changes in this country, from its previous status, narrowly defined by the socio-economic interests of the imperial powers, to its current status, necessarily involves restoring the historical context. This will allow us to grasp the events that took place in the political arena and converged in the shift from despotism from the master state of water and land to the theocratic state basing its authority on Islam-ideology and oil wealth. This will also allow us to become aware of the long march of nationalist and reformist struggles linked to the project of a rule of law expressing national sovereignty.

To write a chapter of our historical CINQUECENTO saga, we read travel stories from the 17th and 18th centuries. Dreaming about Persia, we went to Iran. What we discovered there, between arid mountains and oases, between tradition and modernity, between monuments and gardens, is first of all a fascinating architectural heritage, a fabulous cultural treasure which shapes a population attached to its traditions nettikasinot but also possessing a art of living made of delicacy, openness and kindness. The land of the thousand and one nights, it is perhaps this mixture of harshness and softness that one finds in the rockery of the Zagros mountains, under which flows the clear water which nourishes the fountains of the Persian gardens.